Strengths test

In order to explore how we work in groups, and view our leadership talents overall, our i2 classes took the Meyers Briggs and a Strength Finders test.

My result from the Meyers Briggs test was ISTP (Introverted, Observant, Thinking, and Prospecting). Using information from 16Personalities, I can relate to having an individualistic mindset, as I love to work alone. Additionally, I am able to pursue my goals by myself, I don’y need too much outside support. Finally, I am able to not only think through problems but also work through different (mostly hands-on) solutions to it.

Through the Strengths Finders test, I found that my top five strengths are deliberative, analytical, relator, responsibility, and achiever. Being a relator surprised me because although I enjoy being with my close friends, independent work fit me the best. Other than that, I know myself to go through with what I say, be able to look over information and find correlation, as well as being a high achiever while holding myself to a higher standard.

Everything that was brought up through the Strengths Test only reinforced the fact that I need to continue to work and improve upon what I can do. Thankfully this year, I have the opportunity to be a leader of the Student Launch Initiative (SLI), and I hope that I will be able to apply and develop my skills through the program of SLI. (more to come on that!)