Meyers Briggs Reflection

The Meyer Briggs assessment reported that I am an INFP, meaning I seek harmony, am creative, and have a very internal focus, according to For the StrengthsFinder test, my top five results were Learner, Input, Restorative, Individualization, and Deliberative.
I think both of these profiles are fairly accurate to who I am. In terms of INFP, I always try to keep peace and make people happy. Additionally, I get lost in my thoughts a lot and usually have to force myself to concentrate on a single thing (e.g. homework). However, once I do focus, I have no issue keeping my train of thought in control, and I can be very productive, which the INFP profile doesn’t really describe. For the StrengthsFinder test, I am definitely a learner. I have always loved school for the sake of learning new things and have had trouble picking a favorite subject. I also can really relate to Input; whenever I make a connection with something or someone, I sort it in my head with similar connections, almost like a library.
I think the strength I need to especially work on is Deliberative, or people who take “serious care in making decisions or choices.” At the moment, I think the “serious care” I put into decisions is actually more like indecisiveness. (I can never decide anything, even what I want to eat for dinner.) In the future, I want to work on weighing the pros and cons of my choices and logically coming to a conclusion. Or, sometimes, I end up taking the safer choice and end up losing out on an opportunity, so I think I should take more calculated risks.