Michael Bandak


Hello, my name is Michael Bandak, and I am a sophomore, and a member of the Class of 2026. This is my second year of the i2 program; my first year was extremely enjoyable. I have lived in San Francisco all my life. I love to play and watch basketball and football, read mystery books, and play video games/board games in my free time. I also love to hang out with my friends on the weekends.

In elementary, I started to love my current favorite subject, math. It wasn’t difficult for me to understand, and so I picked it up quickly. Another subject I enjoy is Science, mainly because when I was very young, I thought scientists could make potions that gave people superpowers. Currently, my favorite classes are advanced precalculus and AP Psychology. Both are challenging but also very interesting.

Besides academics, I like to play sports like basketball(as mentioned above), and I have since I was young and I played football last year and loved it, and I want to continue to play. I love staying active and having a good balance between work and exercise because it makes me the most productive. I go to the park every week with my friends. I’m very lucky that I also get to go travel, as I did over the summer.

During my time at SHC, I made more friends, some within i2 and some others at SHC, and I’ve done and leaned a lot within my time here. I cannot wait to do more things here and meet even more people than I did last year.

i2 Projects


This project is a program that helps catch people who are slouching using the computer camera and sends them a notification to fix their posture. This helps for slouching, but currently it only works on a Windows computer.

Project details

The "AI"ssistant

The "AI"ssistant is a football playcaller who takes information about game and returns a play for every player to run.

Project details