Launching the ’23-’24 i2 Project

For my 23-24 i2 project, I have decided to work with a fellow i2 9th grade student, and one of my close family-friends, Ashley Wang. Over the summer, we collaborated in deciding the topic of our project, which developed into focusing on helping a significant target community, encompassing approximately 15% of the world population- the hearing impaired

Throughout a summer of consistent research, we proposed our various ideas to family members, and from thorough revision, the idea of “Crystal Clear” emerged. And what is Crystal Clear? During this school year, our goal is to jumpstart a 3-year project to create glasses that project subtitles (or closed captions) on the lenses. In a way, instead of creating glasses for those with varying levels of sight disabilities, we’re innovating ones for the hearing impaired. 

However, to take it to a smaller-level, one-year project, this year, we will create a transparent TV screen that displays subtitles, similar to a plexiglass screen many office workers used to avoid contracting COVID-19; Crystal Clear, is a more advanced, digital version of this simple, physical mechanism. Since plastic cannot display digital pixels, we will be displaying closed captions on an LCD, dismantled from an electronic monitor, “sandwiched” in between two sheets of plexiglass for protection. 

The biggest challenge so far is learning how to dismantle the monitor, as various resources on the internet recommend “to not execute without a professional TV mechanic.” However, we are currently researching the best methods to do so, and by the 2024 i2 Showcase, we will hopefully have a stable, working transparent LCD screen for the hearing impaired.


Can’t hear? Get Crystal Clear!