Phase 2: Items and Testing (January 20- February 18)

Once all of our items arrived, we continued our testing phase with all of our items. Initially, my sister did not set time limits or rules for the team; we realized this would eventually become a maintenance issue, as water and food could be spilled on the beanbags, making it difficult to clean. Besides that, we observed and took notes on the impact of the nap zones. From doing homework, watching Tik Toks, to actually sleeping, the nap zones were a big hit. 

Later on, once the testing phase was completed and we were able to open the nap zones to the entire school, rules that we stated in our shark tank presentation were going to be enforced. Our sample population really enjoyed the opportunity to sleep comfortably after school, and benefits included less moodiness, which the whole team agreed was a huge benefit. After school, the nap zone in the atrium was a clean, comfortable, and quiet place to rest and/or do homework, so our project was headed in the right direction. 

During the testing phase, other students would walk by our nap zone; we received many looks of curiosity and questions of interest from both students and faculty alike, so we were excited to open our nap zones to the rest of the school, and possibly expand to other areas. The week of February 6, after opening our zones in DePaul and the Atrium to all, we asked those who had used the nap zones to fill out our survey. Results showed that…