Aki Tobin
About The Project

Motorized Kayak

For my project in 2020-2021, I motorized a large kayak. I decided on this project because I love to build, design, and to apply my skills in the real world. I was motivated to make this kayak electric after seeing the effects of gas on the Russian River, where my family has a house. I started noticing the fish going deeper and hiding for most of the day while loud gas boats raced up and down the river. I also noticed pollution in the form of an iridescent film and layer of grime that outlined the banks. I set off to build a boat that could help me travel up and down the river quickly while keeping the environment safe.  To accomplish this, I bought a used canoe on eBay and fixed it up with a flex seal and paint. Next, I purchased a powerful motor from China and mounted it on my canoe using parts I repurposed from Lowes. Finally, I added an ESC(speed control) and batteries.

About My Project