My 2023-2024 project idea

Hey everyone!

My idea for an i2 project this year is an app that aims to help fight the issue of the trash in SF. While there are so many things with a similar goal, aiming to help clean our city, the issue is so large that I believe any contribution helps. How I plan to accomplish my goal is by creating an app that can be used by residents of SF to report buildup of trash that they see in their own communities. My app will also gather these statistics, displaying them publicly in a format that is very accessible to the public. From there, volunteer services that already work to clean up trash in the city can utilize these statistics to plan more accurate and helpful cleanup events. A typical report would probably include a short title, the location of the report, and an image taken, all done from a users phone in a process that shouldn’t take over 2 minutes. In the future, I could potentially expand this app to include reports that not only cover for trash but other issues as well.

While I have never built an app before, I have basic knowledge and experience with computer science, and I am already making steady progress building my app. By April I will hopefully have a working prototype of the app that includes all of the necessary features, and I am very willing to continue working on this project through the summer in order to finish my app and get it onto the app store.