My 2023-2024 Project

Hey everyone!

I decided that my i2 passion project for this year would be centered around mental health and studying, specifically finding the right ways to take a break in between assignments.

Especially as a student, I’ve noticed how important this topic is, since many of us are juggling multiple activities and extras, so the time we have can be precious. Most students usually take a break by scrolling through social media, but this can be addicting and make it even harder to return to the task. I’m trying to find a way to encourage people to try things that will allow them to rest a little bit but also help them continue to focus after the break, so they’re study habits improve, which can open up the door to many new great opportunities in and out of school.

This idea came from my experience as a student who has had to concentrate for hours on end while also feeling drained, and resorted to things like Instagram or TikTok to take a break, which only took away more energy. I think being able to access my own experiences for inspiration will help me tailor this project to fit other students like me.

At the moment, my biggest challenge is learning how to create the app, which includes finding the right platform and learning how to build it from the ground up.