Nico Aldaz


My name is Nico Aldaz, and I am in 9th grade. So far in the school year, I am in the Gaming Club and Cugini Club, both of which I enjoy greatly. I don’t do any clubs or activities outside of school yet, though. Some things I find interesting about school and SHC in general are the classes I have. So far, my top 3 classes would have to be World History 1,2 , Art 1,2 , and Introduction to Religious Studies. I feel like I learn many topics in World History and Religious Studies; and we do fun projects in Art.

Other interests I have are drawing, video games, and track and field. I pursue these in several different ways. I pursue drawing by letting my creativity and thoughts come to life once I finish it on the paper. My works can range from simple doodles to full-color drawings. I pursue video games by letting my mind escape reality for some time. I also enjoy them because of the stories they create and the wacky things you can do in some of them. I also pursue track and field because it is a way for me to stay active and healthy. I also am somewhat of a fast runner, so I think it suits me well.

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