Oliver Nguyen Waldin


I am in ninth grade and I enjoy coding and robotics. I’m not very athletic, so I’m not a part of
sports here at SHC. However, I am in the robotics club and am looking forward to it. I have never really
built any kind of machine, and my brother does robotics. Outside of school, I take coding classes that
teach me more advanced skills. Both of these activities have to do with building or creating, so I enjoy more
hands-on work. This is probably why I enjoy science because it is much more hands-on than other subjects such as English.
However, learning on my own and from articles, textbooks, and more conventional methods are also fine. Math is great because I enjoy the more straightforward aspect and history helps me stay engaged because we participate in class and learn interesting things.

I don’t have other hobbies, but coding is what I like to do most. The whole “Create whatever you
want to!” really draws me in. I used to do a lot of art, so the creativity in making programs helps motivate
me. I want to get to a point where I can make a game, website, or whatever else in a reasonable amount
of time, but that will take much more improvement. Right now, I am improving by finding concepts and
piecing together the parts needed to make it. If I don’t know how to code a part of it, I look it up and try to
understand how it works and why I need it.

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