Padma Ignatius


Hi my name is Padma Ignatius. Currently, I am a junior at SHC and I am truly hoping this year goes well!

Before SHC, I attended St. Brendan from kindergarten to eighth grade. I participated in all the sports that they offered—volleyball, soccer, and basketball— and played club volleyball for three years up until COVID-19 started. I have always had a passion for art, and took a couple of lessons, and in addition started to play the piano.

Now at SHC, I am a leader of Asian American Student Union, a member of Stage Tech Crew, and CSF, and outside of school I take singing lessons. I never thought that I would enjoy science before coming to SHC, but I have discovered that I really enjoy chemistry, which prompted me to take AP Chemistry this year.

I joined i2 in my sophomore year, when I worked on the Kismet Project. The project was centered around mentorship and creating close relationships with mentees to help them develop skills and find new passions. I hope that i2 will help me grow in my planning and leadership skills, and allow me to meet new people.



Kismet is a mentorship program that enables kids in under-resourced schools to explore their possible interests. By exposing under-resourced students to a wide array of possible pathways into different fields, we hope to give kids a head start into pursuing a potentially transformative, life-long passion.

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