3/17 Project Update

I’m gradually becoming more familiar with Webflow. It seems rather complicated at first, but once I learned how to do the bare necessities, the program has become far more manageable. The home, rubric, shop, and about page all have a substantial amount of content on them, so now I’m focusing on what improvements I can make. I’m going to continue researching shops, my original goal was to have ten shops rated and researched on the website. Another student recommended including alternative businesses to shop from that are more sustainable options. I think his idea will help make the website more valuable to consumers and I’ve begun to look into what alternative shops I could recommend.

I am also now planning to add a section on the home page devoted to the top three shops the website recommends. These companies will be categorized under the rubric rating as green. The site is gradually coming together and although there have been some moments of struggle, I have also been making some good progress this week.