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Spider-Man Webshooters

This year my i2 project is centered on web-shooters, created in the Spider-Man comics. Although the project may appear juvenile, and admittedly a bit self-indulgent, it has required me to learn more about various chemicals and their functions as well as beginning to explore the more technical side of building. Furthermore, artificial spider silk is also in the beginning stages of development and has shown great promise in both the medical and industrial fields. Since I do not have the resources to engineer artificial spider silk myself, these web-shooters should hopefully be one step or window into a possible future.

One of the reasons I embarked on this project not only to bend the borders between fiction and reality, but to present STEM topics in a manner that encourages young students to learn more about the sciences. Unfortunately, the way the current learning system is presented, topics can often feel distant from students leading them to feel bored and wonder why they’re learning it. By incorporating a well-beloved superhero into learning about STEM, hopefully, the result is young students becoming both more interested in learning as well as reigniting their curiosity to explore the sciences themselves.

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