Piper Johnson


Hi! My name is Piper Johnson and I am in 9th grade. Apart from the i2 program, I am involved in athletics at Sacred Heart Cathedral. I enjoyed my first year of playing tennis as a member of the junior varsity team. I am also in the Go Big Green club and looking forward to joining the crochet and knit club. My favorite sport is soccer and I have been playing soccer all of my life and enjoy playing defense for the freshman team. One of my favorite classes at school is Spanish. I enjoy learning things in the classroom and then being able to use the skills in the real world. Last year, I went to Peru, where I was able to put my Spanish to the test and speak with locals.

Outside of school I like to volunteer at dog rescues and community gardens. I love animals, and the connection created with them. In my free time, I also love to bake for my family and friends. This year I am excited to make new friends and explore what SHC has to offer!

i2 Projects


Fish mop spawners for increased hatch rates

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