About The Project


FSA is a non-profit that organizes monthly donations to foster children’s homes in San Francisco. Targeting  SHCP, our goal is to shed light on children in need. While foster parents supply for their kids, in many cases kids still face neglected needs. Foster kids need all the help that is offered. As more kids enter the system daily, the need for help increases as well. Often donations are just money, rather than actually something that brightens someone’s day. We plan to organize monthly donations and offer volunteer opportunities. Along with these interactions, will be a research infographic focusing on a different issue. To begin the new year, we will begin with a donation revolving around hygiene products. For example, toothbrushes, deodorants, cleaners, and shampoo. In February, we will arrange a school-wide art project possible through the religious studies classes, and have students craft valentines for orphans and kids in the system. This infographic is about the physical and emotional abuse that is very present in this system. During the month of March, which is feminism month, we will hold a donation of feminine products and our infographics will shed light on the stigma and accessibility of these products.

FSA is bringing this educational opportunity of a serious matter directly to our secluded bubble.  We will be organizing monthly meetings, each with a different theme, that all SHC members will be invited to.  A main source of our research will be influenced by SFCASA, an organization dedicated to living in the foster system. We will continue to stay in contact with a member of the SFCASA board. By incorporating this organization into our school life, this opportunity is becoming so much more accessible to students, faculty, and families. 

During our i2 project last year, we gained the experience of communicating with SHC about women’s sports advocacy. Our podcast, SHC Advisories, gave us insight into another overlooked group. We know how to effectively address social issues and bring light to them at SHCP. We will film information segments, and our future plans and post them to SHC Advisories, impacting the platform we already have. Then, we will post on Schoology as well.

Here is a link to our website that shares information on this topic, informs of upcoming donations, and allows users to make donations: https://www.fostersystemawareness.com/

Project Infographics