My 2021-22 Project – Blog #2

After countless hours of brainstorming, my project partner, Niamh Fullerton, and I have settled on the name SHC Advisories for our 2021-22 Project. This initially started as a vocal-only podcast, however, we have refined this idea into a visual and auditory youtube channel to be more engaging to our viewers. The most challenging thing we have faced in doing our project was setting up the time to interview people, as everyone is so busy and there were numerous scheduling conflicts. Additionally, it was challenging to use the i2 today website at first because of how new it was to us, but through perseverance, we have successfully learned how to navigate it. This project has really shown me how much passion I have for the topic of Women’s Sports Empowerment, especially as a two-sport athlete, which is the issue that we are highlighting our Sophomore year. It was amazing to interview our Student Body President Sydney Scott, who successfully brought Girl’s Volleyball and Basketball into the Bruce Mahoney competition. I didn’t realize how much attention our project would get, and we have received countless replies to our google form linked in our youtube channel, asking students about problems that they were having and needed advice on.