Project Update

So far the project has run smoothly, but there have been some unexpected difficulties. One of these is simply knowing what to do/narrowing the focus of the project and having specific findings to share. One mistake was deciding on something so open-ended which means that a lot of work ends up being pointless as the final result/finding becomes more and more specific. However, I have enjoyed the process of trial and error, as oftentimes I have tested certain data, and then it turns out that it’s not insightful which means I have to keep trying to tweak the data that I test or start again with different data points. However, in the end, I think this will make my final results more refined and useful.

One person that has been helpful is my dad. In his free time, he has a hobby of coding, more specifically with Xcode and swift, but this background knowledge means that he can help me solve issues when I get stuck or just don’t have the knowledge to keep going.

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