Project Update

  • Senior Projects: Not surprisingly, many of the seniors have been infected with Senioritis, especially now that quite a number have begun to hear back from colleges. Seniors are now helping out underclass folks on their projects and will be acting as judges at the Showcase.
  • Junior Projects: There are a bunch of really exciting projects underway among the 11th graders. Machine learning, thanks to the guidance and mentorship of i2 senior Pascal Reich, is showing up in a number of projects. One to keep an eye on is Lantern AI, a terrific project around learning to read Mandarin. Another project worth checking out involves building insoles for shoes with embedded piezoelectric elements that enable people to recharge their phones by simply walking around.
  • Sophomore Projects: Lots of fascinating projects this year are coming out the sophomore class. Matthew Spillane is completing a cloud chamber that will enable us to see the trails left by virtually invisible particles passing through our environment every day. Luke Moore is completing a project he started last year, a robotically controlled sand table, and a small team is building a Web site devoted to highlighting and curating mental health resources available to high school-age students.
  • Frosh Projects: The 9th-graders are working on a range of cool projects. Michael Bridon and Sam Wai on conducting a study on the impact of social media on students’ body image. Be sure to check out the projects page for more!