Raihan Cooper


My name is Raihan Cooper. I am a junior at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory in San Francisco California and previously attended Rooftop School. My hobbies include reading and playing and watching sports. Some goals I have for myself are to make the most out of my time in high school and to be accepted into a college that is academically strong. Other aspirations of mine include having success in basketball and being a role model to younger students attending SHC.


Freshman Transition

My goal for my i2 project this year is to help future freshmen transitioning from public schools to SHC. I became interested in this topic by noticing that my peers from public schools were struggling to adapt to SHC

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Transition to High School Support

An This project is in-depth examination and analysis on the effects and impact COVID had on freshman at SHC from both public and private schools at SHC

Project details

Students vs. Student-Athletes at SHC

This project includes an in-depth data analysis and draw conclusions from my work. I hope that my project will bring valuable insights into the experiences students and student-athletes have at SHC. If possible, my results can help identify ways the school can address the obstacles students face in academics and athletics.

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