The i2 Journey Begins

When I was applying to SHC, part of my process was talking to people who went to the school. As I talked to these people I found that they all spoke highly of the i2 program.  Then I got in! I am every excited to work on a project, hopefully about either about neuroscience or climate change. I am so excited to be a part of people who truly cannot wait to face the big questions about us, the earth, and s much more.

As a freshman in the i2 program we get to have two classes together, World History and Physics. I love these classes in particular because there’s a sense of community, something that brings us all together. Overall it’s fun.

While this experience will be fun, it will also be challenging. I hope to play a sport in the upcoming seasons and with that comes a time commitment. With whatever extra curricular activities I participate in I want to be fully present, I am worried about being able to manage my time and get my work done well.

Over the next four years or so, I want to answer a big question. For me a big question is something that I am passionate about figuring out. It could be a question, a concept, or anything, really. I am so excited to see how these next four years go!