Roman Maimone


I am Roman Maimone. I am a freshman in the class of 2026. Before coming to SHC, I went to St. Philips for my elementary and middle school. I like to play soccer when I am outdoors. I was a part of the CYO first division team that won the championship twice in a row in middle school. My favorite subject is math since I find it easy and it is the subject that I find most applicable to the real world. During the winter sports season, I am on the SHC’s wrestling team, while participating on the stage crew during the off-season. I worked on the set for The Play that Goes Wrong and worked as a part of the run crew for Sister Act as well. During the summer, I had travelled all over Italy in a family connection and vacation trip for four weeks. 

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It is an online questionnaire that uses the given information to give a good preseason training routine you should follow

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