Ronan Gee


My name is Ronan Gee, I grew up in the Sunset District of San Francisco all my life and attended middle school there too. I went to St. Cecilias Catholic School and quickly found my love for sports there while playing in the CYO sports league whether it was soccer, basketball, or baseball. Now, however, I am focusing on soccer and golf which came as a surprise to not only me but my family.
I have always been an antsy and impatient person so when I decided to take golfing seriously my parents kind of laughed at me. I played golf and soccer during my freshman year for SHC, and am doing so again for my sophomore year. I really enjoy everything that golf encompasses from simply whacking the ball to applying the proper technique in the swing. Youtube has become my best friend as I continue to watch video after video addressing every problem I run into on the course whether it’s chunking the ball, topping it, or learning to hit out of the sand bunker.
I have also enjoyed my AP computer science principles class very much as I learn to code projects. There is nothing better than the feeling of debugging your program and having something that you made. I think if my goals to become a PGA professional fail *joke*, I would like to focus on coding especially in Python or Javascript as I have some prior experience with both languages. In the short term future, I hope I figure out what I want to do with my life whether it is becoming a doctor, engineer, or coder. For now, I’m going to keep golfing, keep playing soccer, and just be a teenager.

I2 Projects

Golf Swing Analyzer

The purpose of our project was to design a device that could measure multiple aspects of the golf swing as well as the interaction of the club with respect to the ball and ground. Through the use of a inertial measurement device and an arduino, the device would be attached to the end of the club to measure the launch angle of the ball, angle of attack, as well as how open or closed the club face is at contact. This information would be processed and returned to the user for analyzation and quick feedback.

Project details