Project Update


The objective of the project is to educate others about the cultural diversity of our SHC community. In today’s society, it’s important to be more open-minded about the different traditional points of view and how to react to the impact of cultural diversity in a rapidly changing world. Gaining a better understanding of one’s cultural background enables people to live harmoniously and become more engaged in modern issues. More specifically in SHC, completing this project will align with the school’s motto, “Enter to learn, leave to serve”.


To kick off the project, I set up an Instagram account. The reason I chose Instagram as my network is that the majority of the SHC community utilizes this platform. As a frequent Instagram user, I am aware of the platform’s capability to reach out to young audiences. After I established the account, I published my first post, which was an introduction statement. I also posted a Google Form on Schoology to invite people to sign up for an interview about their culture. Presently, I already interviewed three people and I am in the process of creating their profiles. I took some photographs of them and the places they recommended that best represent their culture.


When I created the Instagram account, I planned on interviewing my friends. After I interviewed one of them, I realized that most of my friends are from the same grade, and I needed a wider range of respondents to interview to have a better representation of the school’s diversity. Therefore, I sent out the Google Form on Schoology inviting anyone to participate in my project. Contrary to my expectations, most of the survey respondents were my friends. In addition to that, the next challenge I need to address was how a few respondents provided information unrelated to the questions regarding their culture.

Future Plan

As of right now, I am still in the process of solving the Google Form issues. In addition, I did not post yet any of the information from the people I interviewed on the Instagram account because I still need to edit their photos. Once I edit the photos, I will post the results of the interviews on the Instagram account. I am also planning on personally approaching potential candidates from the upper grades to ensure that I will have more diverse information.

Projected Timeline

Project Start Date – February 14, 2022

Estimated Completion Date – May 2022