Ryan Joyce


Hi, I am Ryan. I came from an elementary and middle school called San Francisco Day School. SF Day was a small school and only had 40 kids per class. When I began the high school application process, I wanted to be part of a bigger community; that’s why I chose to come to SHC.

I only joined the i2 program during the summer going into my Sophomore year, but I have met many great people and learned tons.

At school, I have been a two-sport varsity athlete in Track and Cross Country since freshman year. Sports are a great joy for me and have been a part of my life since as long as I could remember.

i2 Projects

Reaction Game

This game was me testing my ability with coding and my dive into the programming world. I tried to code a game that could help people improve small, but important cognitive abilities that are important parts of their everyday lives.

Project details


An app that can help even the least tech savy people map their adventures over the world.

Project details