The i2 Journey Begins

Words cannot describe how excited I feel about being a member of the i2 program. In my short time span of being a member of i2, my favorite part has definitely been the community. I have made many close friends and strong bonds due to i2. Every single person is helpful, friendly, and smart. They are the group of people that I can rely on, and I know will always have my back. I am excited to spend the next four years I have at SHC with them, and I hope to make those bonds even stronger to create friendships that will go beyond high school and into college.

Over the four years of SHC, I would like to accomplish many things in the i2 program. Firstly, I would like to expand my knowledge by working and collaborating with other people. Working with other people allows me to gather different perspectives on various topics. This helps me look at things in a way I probably would have never thought about. Secondly, I am excited to go on field trips. I love going outside of school and adventuring to different places, especially with friends. Lastly, I am excited to learn about something that I am interested in for my final i2 project. I love how we are not limited to a single topic, and we could create a project on anything we would like. This helps improve my creativity and challenges my critical thinking.