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Does High School Basketball Success Translate to College or Professional Basketball Success?

Many Successful High School Basketball players have professional or nba aspirations for their futures. But how many of these high school basketball players actually fulfill their dreams of being successful in college? My 2023 I2 Project will be analyzing and researching the top high school basketball players to come out of America(according to ESPN) from 2007 to 2011, which is about 500 players in all. I will be researching each of these players figuring out where they ended up after their high school basketball careers. I will figure out how successful they were or are in their basketball career through the specific college they attended to play basketball, how many games they started at their college, and how many years they played basketball in college. Through these differing variables, I will be able to conclude if a certain player was successful in their college basketball career. I will put players into different buckets or groups based on their ranking coming out of high school. The players ranked similarly in numbers will be grouped together.I will use all of this information, differing with each player, to put in perspective just how hard it is to become successful in basketball whether in college. Through analysis and research, high level high school athletes will learn to have a backup plan and be content with who they are even if their dreams aren’t fulfilled.

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