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Welcome to my project! I’m Sam, and this website is dedicated to an interesting topic I have been able to learn about this past year, which is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). In short, ASD is a developmental and neurological disorder caused by differences in the brain. It is marked by characteristics such as problems with communication and social interaction, as well as restricted or repetitive behaviors. But why have I developed such an interest in this topic? Growing up, I was able to be provided with a lot of experience being part of a person with ASD’s life because my cousin is on the spectrum. Spending time with her at family gatherings or just with her, I have seen a bright, charming, confident, and compassionate person grow before me. She has certainly had her challenges and differences but has also learned to overcome them. Yet I was never able to learn or see a lot about ASD and what opportunities are available for them, which is something I wish I could have understood more with my cousin in my life. I hope that this website can do just that, providing individuals on the spectrum, as well as their family and friends, with the resources needed to learn what I wish I could have learned growing up.

What I have noticed is that many individuals with ASD have been limited in their opportunities or did not have the resources to find any because others presume the difference in their capabilities automatically means a complete lack of them. Narrowing down specific issues that could contribute to this, I have concluded that two things that are lacking are representation and support. In that sense, I wanted to create a hub that would help people with ASD and their families by linking them with resources and beneficial information. There are so many resources that I hope this website can help them find, including different types of information sources, donation and volunteer opportunities, places to find representation today, and pages and sites dedicated to both adults and children with ASD. Not only this, but I hope to help people with statistical information and a general understanding of ASD itself, as well as show the perspective of those who have experience with people on the spectrum. I have provided this through my interviews with parents and specialized therapists. 

This website is something that I hope will be able to provide and help people with any information they might need or be directed to from it. It is a safe space that I want people to utilize and learn from as a way of helping in any way it can in their pursuit of ASD knowledge. Thanks for reading, and enjoy!

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