My 2021-2022 i2 Project

This year, for my i2 project, I, along with my partner, Michael Bridon, have decided to create a short video documentary that centers on the topic, How Social Media’s Standards Affect Mental Health. Our plan is to conduct research on the topic, as well as on ideas that surround the topic such as social media, the teen brain, mental health, etc. We are also interviewing 40 people, 10 from each class, on the subject. Each person interviewed is asked about 10 questions that help them express their opinions on the topic. The main goal for this project is to bring awareness through our video to the SHC community and to share others’ experiences or views relating to the topic.

Of course, there have been quite a lot of challenges along the way. I think some of the main challenges include trying to fit in time for working on the project and finding ways to interview people so that it works best for us and the interviewee. When it comes to doing the project, it’s kind of difficult for both Michael and me to make time in our schedules to meet or do some work that is needed. I also found that time goes by so fast, that the deadline practically sneaks up on you when the time comes. It’s scary to think of that, but I think that it is pushing Michael and me to work harder and faster in whatever we are doing. Another unexpected challenge was interviewing people. Much of the process of interviewing had to be tweaked as time went on, whether we had to change up the questions or our style of interviewing. It was also quite a challenge to find people who wanted to do an interview with us. For some reason, we had and are still having trouble finding sophomores and seniors. However, I believe we can complete them pretty soon if we continue to persist in our efforts to find more people. These are just some of the main challenges we have had so far.

Something I have found interesting about this topic is that people’s opinions on it are somehow both similar and different. I think many can agree that there is some degree of toxicity that can come with downloading any social media app. A lot of the time, it can cause things such as unrealistic body standards or unhealthy ways of thinking. Oftentimes, interviewees have expressed this opinion. However, they all express it in different ways and provide unique solutions. Some may say that the negative toxicity can be avoided by trying as best as you can to avoid the things that you don’t feel too good about. An example of how to do this is if you have TikTok and don’t like a certain video, there’s an option to say that you’re not interested in those types of things. Others may say that what you should really do is delete the app. Sometimes, all you need is a detox from social media altogether. Another great solution is to actually spread more positivity. Just because you are only one person, that doesn’t mean that your positive contributions won’t affect many people. You may not know it, but just a little bit of kind words and affirmations can go a long way for many. These are just a couple of views I have seen on this topic, and there are so many more, which is why I want to use them to help others around me.

I think that there have been so many people who have been helpful throughout the process of working on this project. Some people I would like to highlight are Mr. Standley, Mr. Hunt, the people interviewed, and, of course, my partner, Michael. First of all, Mr. Hunt and Mr. Standley have been extremely helpful with sharing their opinions and new ideas, as well as providing many opportunities for us to advance in our project. Their help has been so useful and very much needed, especially because this is our first i2 project. Second of all, the people we have been interviewed so far have been so engaged in the questions they were being asked and have provided many of their amazing insights. I admit it’s been really hard to find these people, but their contributions have never let me down. Lastly, Michael has honestly been a great person to work with on this project. I have found that partners can be difficult to work with a lot of the time, but they can also be really fun and provide immense help with their own work and ideas. Sometimes Michael and I have clashed with his and my ideas, but in the end, we always find a middle ground that works for both of us. It has been great having someone to work on this project with, especially because it is our first one. These are the main people that have been super helpful in the project so far.

Altogether, this project has been really fun and inspiring so far. It’s a great experience to be a part of i2, and it’s even better to be working on something I’m passionate about. There have been some challenges along the way, but I believe the things I’ve learned and the people who have helped far outweigh the obstacles in comparison. I’m so excited to continue to pursue this topic, and I hope that when the time comes, this video will bring unique information and inspiration to the SHC community. Thanks for taking the time to read this : )