The i2 Journey Begins

As a freshman in the i2 program at SHC, I am so excited for my new journey and the challenges and experiences that come along with it. Being able to make it into this program has been so exciting and completely new for me. I was not really sure about what this program was at first, but I remembered reading about it on SHC’s website. I did not think much of it at first because I did not expect to get in, but you can imagine that I was very pleased when I found out the terrific news. Now that I am a part of this highly acclaimed program in SHC, I have been able to learn so much more about what it has to offer over the course of my high school career.

So far, I have heard some things about the i2 program. One thing I definitely know is that it incorporates a lot of STEM into its academic aspects. I also understand that this is a rigorous and highly achieving enrichment program. Students are given the opportunity to work on a yearlong innovation project that starts with the question, “How can you change the world?” (I am particularly looking forward to working on this throughout the school year.)

Even though I haven’t been at SHC for too long, I have still enjoyed many things about this program. Not only have I been able to meet new people, but I also consider many of them new friends (which do not come very easily to me). I have also enjoyed the fact that we as a group are like a small community within the big student body. We have two classes together, and sometimes I will even see a couple of i2 peers in the hallways or streets. Overall, it has just been a great experience to be in this program so far.

I do sometimes get concerned about some aspects of the i2 program. It is designed to be a very rigorous program and requires a lot of effort, so sometimes I question whether or not I can manage these new challenges. Maybe it will become really stressful or time-consuming. However, I also remember that challenges are what help me build the courage and strength to keep going, so even as challenges arise, so will my ability to move forward.

Over the next four years of my journey in the i2 program, I am hoping to achieve a sense of accomplishment that I made it through while helping others, through my projects and ideas. I am also hoping to gain a stronger connection with the other people in the program. Even as more and more challenges arise, I want to come out of this knowing that I did not stop throughout the way. Maybe it will also prepare me for challenges that come later on in life. Whatever may happen, I am just so excited and grateful to be here in SHC, and I’m even more glad that I get to spend my time here as a part of this amazing program.