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Raspberry Pi Sand Table (year 1 update)

Raspberry Pi Sand Table (Phase 1)

The Raspberry Pi Sand Table is a project I created based off an example I found online. It is a wooden table covered in a layer of sand, that uses a robotic arm to move a magnet beneath the table, and the magnet moves a metal ball over the sand to draw images. The ball is moved by a pulley system and a sliding mechanism that operates using polar coordinates, a system of notating points with and angle and a radius. What I really like about this project is that it serves as an example of how STEM can be used as a means to create art, and how the precision of a  machine can create immaculate designs. In the first year, I managed to accomplish the first 4 out of 6 steps in the project’s construction (Steps can be found in the building plan). In the next year I will complete the second phase of the project which mostly entails setting up the electronics required to power the table, and coding the designs on the raspberry pi.

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