Shantanu Pai


Hi! My name is Shantanu (or Shanti) Pai. I am currently a 9th grader in the i2 program! At SHC, I am playing Middle Linebacker on the freshman football team. As for clubs, I just joined the Finance club because I am interested in economics and I think that the club will be a really good fit for me as I want to work around finance and business when I am older.

At SHC, I hope to join more clubs take the fun, and take the unique classes the school has to offer. I’m also going to try out for the swimming team as I have been swimming for most of my life. That’s a little bit about me, if you have any questions you can shoot me an email at or text me at 415-429-9757.


Blog Post #1

I have boiled it down to a couple of ideas that I would like to work on. I have a general crowd in mind that I would want my project to help, which is the underprivileged. Climate Change is a hard topic to work on so I’m going to take the next few days to […] Read more

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