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Shuffle Boards

Shuffle Boards is a board game made up of four different game boards. The objective of the game is to cross each board and reach the end, though there are spaces which would shuffle the boards around—and could turn the entire game around. This game can by played by two or more players, and is great for kids or families.

I have always been very interested in making different types of games, and I came up with the idea for Shuffle Boards in elementary school. At that time, I drew an old version of the game and played it with my brother and some friends for fun. This year for my project, I wanted to bring this game to a new level, something I had never done thus far with any type of game that I’ve made. I used my early designs of the game, but modified them to make each board less crowded, and resolved any issues I found in my old drawings. My hope is that Shuffle Boards will turn out looking professional and entertaining, and that I will be able to take away important ideas from this process that will help me in my future.

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