2023-24 Project Idea

This year I am working with Rell Gentzler to create a robot that has the ability to reproduce itself. This idea came upon us because in biology class we were talking about the five criteria used to define life, and we wondered whether or not a robot could have these five criteria. One of these criteria, and arguably the hardest to achieve, is the ability to reproduce. This is what we have decided to focus on and we will likely narrow it down to one small challenge of this enormous goal.  The goal of our project is not to create a full robot that can reproduce, but to rather create a way to make a small part of the robot such as reproduction of electronics or motors. This would be huge for the efficiency of  really anything we need a robot to do. If a robot could reproduce itself, we could simply put itv somewhere, provide it with plenty of resources, and the population of robots would grow exponentially.