The i2 Journey Begins

This 21-22 school year for i2 I plan on building on my project from the past two years. Last year I focused on collecting data and research regarding Ayurvedic medicine to construct my website educating people on Ayurveda in a modern way appealing to my generation. Additionally, I met with an Ayurvedic doctor, via Zoom due to COVID-19, to discuss the importance of Ayurvedic Medicine and how to educate people on it. Now, with my greater knowledge on Ayurvedic Medicine I plan on teaching and educating students this year.

At SHC I am in the Lasallian Vincentian Youth Club, a student-run volunteer club, and now I am one of the club leaders in charge of the volunteer events with the SF-Marin Food Bank. With this club I volunteer with middle school students from DeMarillac Academy where we teach them STEM projects once a week. I plan on creating lesson plans regarding Ayurvedic Medicine to teach them the basics of the alternative medicine and what makes it so special to me. I plan to create concise, interactive lessons for the students and help spark an interest in this medical system in younger generations.