The i2 Journey Begins

I’m super excited to be a part of the i2 program, especially because before being admitted into it I had no idea what it was. In terms of what I’ve learned about the program, there’s not much. I know we have a year long project about how we can change something in the world, and that there’s special field trips the i2 class goes on. I also know that the main focus of the i2 program is STEM. So far the thing I’ve enjoyed most is the people in the class. Everyone in i2 is really cool, and I have multiple classes with most of the people there. The only thing I’m concerned about is the year-long projects we have to do. I’ve never had many major projects before, so the idea of a year-long one is a little nerve-racking at times. Over the next four years, I want to attain a greater understanding of STEM, while simultaneously being able to meet new and exciting people.