Timothy Healey


Hello, I’m Tim, a freshman here from SHC. I’ve grown up in San Francisco and previously went to Saint Brigid School from Kindergarten. When I was invited to join i2, I was excited, as I knew I wanted to go into STEM, specifically engineering when I grew up. I’ve always been fascinated with problem solving, especially working with computers. In seventh grade, for my science project, I built my own computer. Technically though, it wasn’t for my science project, since I had had it in the works since the beginning of 6th grade securing the funds and whatnot. Through that journey, I learned a lot and greatly expanded my knowledge of computers, however, I still want to learn more. I’m interested in exercising, technology, and am especially interested in the way that operating systems like Windows and Linux function. Right now, my two favorite classes are i2 World History and Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry. i2 World history has taught me to look at history as a chain reaction, and math has taught me that seemingly unrelated ideas can work with each other in interesting ways. I eventually hope to take AP Calc BC and AP Physics to further my knowledge of the world.

i2 Projects

A Cooler Chair

The goal of my project is to build a cooling system for a chair that is efficent in its energy use, customizable in terms of fan position, and one which is good at cooling the user.

Project details