What’s next?

I was enthusiastic about my original idea to create a special blanket for babies who had been surrendered, in order to create a sense of grounding before a possible childhood of moving around and not feeling connected to anything. My focus on fire station surrender sites led me to speak with a San Francisco fireman, who explained that the real role they play in assessing a surrendered baby is making sure they are healthy. Then, they are transported to the hospital, where they are further cared for/treated medically, and lastly connected to a social worker.

My goal is to connect with hospitals and social workers who work with these babies, and find out where the need is. Is it information that needs to be spread, volunteers to help in an infant’s early stages, a blanket that that child can keep for the rest of their lives? With this in mind, reaching out to hospitals is the next step.  With the information I am given, I am hopeful that I can find an area of need and if not make a change, inspire a change to better the lives of young ones so early abandoned.