What A Waste Presentation

What A Waste!

What A Waste is a passion project for me because I have always loved playing games and I hope families will be able to have fun together while also learning how to be environmentally conscious. During middle school, I learned how much our waste impacts our world so I hope that through this game people can learn and execute the simple act of disposing of garbage properly. In the United States, Americans produced 267.8 million tons of waste in 2017, but only 35% of trash was recycled and composted. If people were to compost and recycle, together we could limit our carbon footprint, protect our ecosystems, and reduce cost and space. What A Waste targets 8-year-olds because they would be able to learn these skills while they are young and carry them throughout their life. The Earth is being overrun with trash so if I can help guide someone to do their part the world will be a lot cleaner.

What A Waste Infographics