What I’ve Learned Through My Project This Year

This year my group members and I decided to tackle a subject that deserves to be brought to light at SHC: Mental Health. We decided to create a website that could benefit those struggling with mental illness or any other form of mental battle. At first, we had a lot of ideas, but since we didn’t have a lot of coding experience, it was difficult to bring those ideas to life. For now, we settled on adding features to the website that were easiest for us to create. Although we didn’t get to go through all of our ideas, we still believe that our website can be helpful, and we plan to expand it later on when we have the skills and resources to do so. To begin our project, we had to do a lot of research on mental health and statistics etc. While researching, I found some very shocking facts that really put things into perspective to me. I realized that a large chunk of today’s youth struggle with mental issues and suicidal tendencies. It hurt to know that a lot of young people had gone through such tough times, but it helped me understand better why I am doing this project. I want to help youth feel better and have a source of joy. I am glad my group took on this project because we are making a difference.