What’s new in i2

Starting our 2021-22 Passion Projects: After a series of pizza dinners at school, the i2 scholars are identifying and doing their initial research on their annual projects for this year. As you would imagine, we’ve got some very thoughtful and creative ideas being explored.

Summer Trips: We had a full roster of trips as we started the 2021 school year, with the seniors going on the classic South Fork of the American River rafting trip, the juniors kayaking in Tomales Bay, the sophomores ziplining in Sonoma, and the freshmen gathering to meet each other for the first time that the California Academy of Sciences.

Class of 2022  The seniors headed out on the classic South Fork of the American River rafting trip the first week of August. With 26 students, along with Sherie Lo Giudice and Rachel Giovanetti, it was a full trip complete with some wonderful swims, fun rapids, outstanding cuisine, and many stories waiting to be told. [Scroll down for more photos.]

Class of 2023
  The juniors returned to Tomales Bay for the 2nd annual kayaking adventure. After a few hours of kayaking along the beautiful coastline of Point Reyes National Seashore, we arrived at Marshall Beach on Point Reyes and set up camp. This was followed by a reflection hike – a solo hike with thought-provoking questions, quotes, and sayings posted along the trail, then met up to discuss it.

The hike then continued up into Point Reyes where we could look out on the farms and out to the Pacific. We came back to camp and everyone just hung out for a while – a little frisbee, card games were

both popular – before dinner. After it got dark we all headed out for a night paddle to see the stars and enjoy the bioluminescence in the water. This was a highlight for many people.

The next day, after a leisurely breakfast, we paddled back to Hearts Desire for lunch and headed back home.

Class of 2024  The sophomore i2 group headed to Sonoma for a day of community-building activities and some serious ziplining. After arriving in Occidental and a quick orientation, the group jumped into some fun activities, followed by some general hang-out time playing beach volleyball, basketball, and otherwise catching up after the summer’s break.

After lunch, we headed out into the redwoods for the ziplining. By all accounts, it was both breathtaking and crazy fun. To be up on a platform in the trees, looking out into the forest from a height we never get to experience, was amazing. A few of us, who shall remain nameless, had to face our fear of heights and courageously carry on. It was a wonderful afternoon followed by a quiet ride back to San Francisco with more than a few students catching up on their sleep.

Class of 2025  The incoming group of i2 students in the class of 2025 met Mr. Hunt, Mr. Standley, and Ms. Villa at the California Academy of Sciences the week before the start of school. With the help of Dr. Elizabeth Babcock, the Chief Public Engagement Officer at the Academy and parent of Noah Babcock, a senior in the i2 program, we had a really fun scavenger hunt all over the museum. This was followed by a planetarium show, lunch, and group discussion about the i2 program and the passion projects.