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Wind Charge

As the time keeps moving forward we see the inevitable moving closer and closer. Everyday the damage that we have done to the Earth has gotten worse and worse. The main contributor to our climate crisis is the use of fossil fuels and the carbon that they emit. Wind energy is a wonderful way to harvest energy from Earth without doing major damage to the environment. While wind turbines can be expensive to build and set up, the positive and long term effects outweigh the high initial cost. This is true, especially when compared to the constant and taxing effects that fossil fuels have on the world.

In order to help slow the climate crisis, I believe we must find alternative ways to provide energy. While this could possibly done on a very large scale, I wanted to first explore this problem at a more social and personal level. I decided to try and create a wind turbine that could charge a phone or provide electricity to other devices that require power.  While this concept may not be realistically scalable it is a step towards reliance on a form of energy-harvesting that doesn’t destroy our earth and its future.

In addition to these ideas, this project allows me to explore engineering and creativity, having to find the materials and put together a working wind turbine from scratch.

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