The i2 Journey Begins!

When applying to SHC, one aspect of the school always caught my eye as I learned about the school and what it offered to its students. That, of course, was the i2 program and the unforgettable experience of being an i2 scholar. As I read about the i2 program on SHC’s website, I was captivated by what the i2 program strived to achieve, taking passion and innovative minds to create projects that benefit society and the world for the better. This all in addition to the people I would create lifelong friendships with over the 4 years I was at SHC. I was hooked!

So far, the i2 program has been that and more for me. As I went through the ups and downs of being at a new school, I always could count on knowing someone from the program I had met and had multiple classes with to talk to and have in my corner. In my classes, I have been introduced to new ways of thinking and analyzing various situations and problems. In the i2 World History class, as an example, we watched a very interesting Ted Talk told by writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie regarding the effects of a single story, and reflected on the tribulations of her life as a Nigerian immigrant who was often presumed to be a poor, uneducated woman no different than that of any person on the continent of Africa. Hence, we had about single stories and had a discussion pertaining to the amount of stories and perspectives necessary to fully understand what truly happened in any given situation.

With regards to my future in the program and what I hope to accomplish as a member, I hope to learn, plain and simple. Whether it be teachers explaining a way to code something or an intense discussion with one of my peers, my goal throughout my life is to learn everyday. For my personal ambitions as a member of the program, I want to create a project that delves into a passion I have, and build upon that project for the other 3 years. However, as I learn more about what I seek to inquire into in my future, I will make a definite decision for where I go with my projects. All I know in the meantime is that I am looking forward to the next 4 years of my time as a part of the i2 community!