Luke McNamee


Hi, I’m Luke McNamee, born and raised in San Francisco. I went to Notre Dame des Victoire for middle school. In my free time, I enjoy designing and building small robots as well as other projects. I enjoy learning about space and the future of humans within it. I want to get a degree in astronautical or aeronautical engineering and help to better the future of humanity. I am a part of the robotics and aerospace club, as well as the football team. I have two siblings who attend SHC, a sister, Kate who is a senior, and my brother, Eamon who has already graduated and is currently at Sonoma State. I have two parents and a dog named Ollie. I love being a student at SHCP and don’t wish I went to school anywhere else.


Continuation of the Solar Rover in 2021-2022

Last year, 2020-2021, I began a project that aimed to create a solar rover. Over the year I began to understand the amount of skill and knowledge this project would take to complete to perfection. Last year, after shipping delays the rover couldn’t be started till later in the year. I then had the luxury […] Read more


The Solar Rover

I was interested in alternative energy and it's capabilities. This is something that can be used in the future to better humanity and help to end hunger. This project serves as a stepping stone for future projects utilizing similar technology.

Project details

Liquid Fueled Rocket Engine

Methanol and oxygen fueled rocket engine

Project details