Aaron Duffin


My name is Aaron Duffin, and I am currently a junior at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory. In terms of academics, I love math and science because I love problem-solving. With math, there are so many different ways you can apply it from cooking to playing sports, to constructing a skyscraper. My favorite class throughout my time at SHC so far has been calculus as it has not only allowed me to work on my problem solving, it has also shown me how I can relate it to business which is something that I would like to study in the future.  Through SHC I have been able to improve my problem-solving abilities through the student launch initiative in 9th  grade and robotics which I started in 11th grade. I also played baseball during my freshman and sophomore years in which I played outfield for SHC. Although I was held back from playing this year because of injury, baseball has taught me valuable life lessons from hard work to perseverance to time management. Outside of school, I spend a lot of time with my family and playing golf with my friends which I picked up over quarantine. All of these activities have allowed me to make new friends and continue to grow as a person and student. Lastly, for my i2 project this year, I am working on making piezoelectric shoes in order to charge a portable device by walking. This device works by using piezo elements in order to convert the kinetic energy from your steps into electrical energy allowing you to charge your portable device.





My 2021-2022 Project

Since my last blog in October, my group and I have chosen to make piezoelectric shoes using an insole that you can slip into your shoe. These insoles convert kinetic energy into electrical energy allowing you to charge a portable charger while walking. We have been able to make a lot of progress so far […] Read more

2022 Project

For my junior year at SHC, I plan on continuing to work in the same group as last year with a different project idea. Last year we ran into some obstacles that we were not able to get around so we are deciding we want to move on to something new.  Although at this point […] Read more

i2 projects

Piezo Electric Shoes

The goal of our project is to allow us to charge a portable device while walking or running. Our piezoelectric shoes use the kinetic energy that you produce when you walk or run and turn it into electrical energy through the piezoelectric crystals in the base of the shoe. By using 14 crystals connected in parallel along with diodes to convert the electricity from AC to DC, we are able to power a portable battery pack that can charge electronic devices. Our project is intended to provide people with motivation to work out, allow people who are hiking to charge their phone without outlets, and provide people who live in off-the-grid areas with access to a constant source of electricity.

Project details

Golf Swing Analyzer

Over the winter and this quarantine I have tried to pick up the sport of golf. So far I am not very good at it and I was thinking it would be very cool if I could create a tool that would give me feedback on my swing which would help me improve my swing. So that is what I set out to do because it allows me to improve my skills while also creating a tool for others so they can improve theirs as well. This is why it matters to me so much and hopefully it will matter to others just as much.

Project details