Aki Tobin


Hey, I’m Aki! I’m super excited to be a part of the I2 program, and I have learned a lot about important topics and especially about myself in the short time that we have been able to meet in person. Not only did it teach me things, I have also made strong connections with my fellow I2 scholars. Before SHC, I went to a small school called SFS. When I was applying to schools, I really wanted a larger school where I could discover what I want to do. However, the deal-breaker was when I heard about the I2 program. Since we have been back in person, I have joined the soccer team, the band, and a few honors and AP courses. Even though the majority of my freshman year was online, it was really enjoyable and I still learned a lot. I can’t wait to see where this year takes me!


i2 Projects

Motorized Kayak

For my project in 2020-2021, I motorized a large kayak. I decided on this project because I love to build, design, and applying my skills in the real world. I was motivated to make this kayak electric after seeing the effects of gas on the Russian River.

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SHC Homeless Helpers Documentary 2023

In our city, San Francisco, there is a huge problem that we come into contact with every day. It is almost like someone is experiencing homelessness and struggling to survive everywhere you turn. Last year, in our project Homeless Helpers Pt.1, we spread awareness through a series of podcasts. In these podcasts, we aimed to humanize the people we talk to and ask what we could do to help. However, this year our goal is to expand our research and podcasts into a documentary that we can publish. This will increase the reach of our project and make it easily accessible on platforms like Youtube and Vimeo. In this documentary, we will incorporate our research and interviews from last year into a put-together film. On top of that, we will document us going on the streets and learning more about these people's predicament. Our goal is to get closer to the community surrounding out school and to inform our school community about the people that we often disregard.

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SHC Homeless Helpers 2021 & 2022

Podcast and informational Website About Homelessness in SF

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