Alexander Chang


Hello! I’m Alexander Chang, but most people call me Alex. I’m currently a 9th grader and I’m a part of the Mandarin Club, Concert Choir, and the Sports Medicine Club at SHC. Outside of SHC, I’m a part of the Sunset Youth Orchestra where I play as a second violin. I’ve participated in two concerts, the Winter 2022 and Sprint 2023 ones at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, and I’ve learned some of my favorite music there including Lara’s Theme  and Chaconne in E Minor. One of my hobbies is coding, be it HTML and website building or Javascript or even assembly, working on the backend. I also enjoy math and science, my two favorite classes, and particularly enjoy critical thinking and solving problems, trying to learn something new everyday. Finally, I oddly enough enjoy making spreadsheets, and have made countless ones for countless purposes, for example, tracking my middle school’s candy grams.


My 2023/24 Project

This year, we’ve been tasked to base our projects on solutions to climate change. While I have not completely decided on my project, I am deciding between heating or powering homes through carbon capture, solar grills, and a study on solar power for SHC. I am also potentially interested in investigating how diseases will spread […] Read more

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