Alexander Wong


Hello everyone! My name is Alex Wong and I am currently in eleventh grade here at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory.  At school, I love studying math and science.  I enjoy math and science because it involves a lot of problem-solving.  I can work out algorithms and use reasoning to come to a solution.   In addition, I am a passionate environmentalist.  I make it my mission to reduce my carbon footprint and waste.

After school, I participate in many school activities and clubs.  I am a co-captain of the debate team and I participate in the Student Launch Initiative, an entrepreneur club.  I also enjoy pursuing the performing arts and I love dancing and singing. At school, I am a part of multiple choirs and perform in our school productions.  These hobbies are a major part of my life as both the choir and drama communities at SHC have become family to me.  This year, I performed in our school musical, Matilda, and I loved being a part of the ensemble.  I hope to continue pursuing my passion for musical theater next year.  

Outside of school, I enjoy solving puzzles and reading during my free time.  I like solving puzzles because they challenge me to think outside the box.  I also love gathering with my group of friends online to play games with each other.  We enjoy talking to each other and we work well as a team in cooperative games.  However, my favorite activity is challenging my family to games.  We occasionally have family game nights where we pick a game and spend quality time with each other.  

This activity got me thinking about my passions and what I love to do. For my I2 project, I decided to combine my love for playing games with my passion for the environment.  I have worked on this project for the past three years by refining my idea and developing What A Waste.  My goal for this project is to teach children the importance of responsible waste disposal and I hope that kids will consistently perform this simple task to help our environment.  I hope that I can inspire people in the future to save our planet!


The I2 Journey Continues

This is my third year as an I2 student here at SHC.  I am extremely passionate about the environment so I wanted to help improve climate change.  During my freshmen year, I developed a game in which I hoped would help teach children the importance of responsible waste disposal.  Throughout my two years of being […] Read more

I2 Projects

What A Waste!

What A Waste is a competitive card game to teach children the importance of responsible waste disposal!

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