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In the 2021-2022 school year, when I was an 8th Grader, St. Thomas the Apostle School (STA), the school I had been attending since Kindergarten, underwent a complete change in administration. Since our old principal retired, she was replaced with a new, rude individual who did not care about STA at all. Many times, the new principal would attack students AND teachers for “disrespecting” her, even though many had done nothing. She even went after my classmates and I for using chalk during lunchtime. (Some of my classmates were forced to wash the chalk off during class!)¬†Every single teacher who worked at STA was attacked at least once, which led to over half the staff and student body leaving. After completely ruining the school, she resigned and left those who remained with remnants of a once amazing school. This led to the archdiocese’s decision to close down STA, even though it received a gracious donation to keep the school open.

This year, the teachers, including my aunt and mom, have worked long, stressful hours trying to make the last year the best year it can be for the students.

My i2 project, Helping Teachers Project, was inspired by my sister, mom, and aunt because they work long, stressful hours and go to bed very late. My sister also inspired me because she would always ask me when she would see me at lunch (lunchtime used to be separated based on grades but was switched to all school lunch this year).

The goal of my project is to give the teachers a break during lunch time by sending volunteers to watch students from 1st-8th Grade. We will volunteer on days that STA has school/SHC doesn’t and take the 38r bus (if parents can’t drive). Volunteers will arrive by 12:00 P.M. and head straight to the school yard (after speaking to the front desk manager). When lunch ends, volunteers can either take the same bus home or have a parent pick them up.

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