Angelynn Gumboc


Hello! My name is Angelynn Gumboc, but I go by Angel most of the time. I’m currently a sophomore at SHC.

I was born in San Francisco and have lived in Daly City for all my life. I live with my mom, dad, grandma, and little sister, who’s younger than me by four and a half years.

Academic-wise, I enjoy my English and Japanese classes, as discussions are usually very fun and extensive. Above all, AP Psychology is one of the best classes I’ve ever taken at SHC. We learn about how our smallest and largest decisions and behaviors affect and are affected by our biology, environments, the people we spend time with, and our own minds.

I love playing volleyball and played on the SHC Girls Volleyball Varsity team, including during the first ever Bruce Mahoney Women’s Volleyball game! I played as an outside hitter and defensive specialist. We are currently participating in our off-season lifting workouts, and we’re looking forward to trying out again next fall.

Outside of school, I love creating art, playing guitar, singing, and listening to music. I was partially interested in engineering, but it became more fascinating when I came to SHC as an i2 Scholar. Like, I was able to assist in building an electric go-kart last year!

This year, however, I’ve taken a turn from physical mechanics and have partnered up with a friend to make a website to sell our handmade goods. We calculated costs and profits and have found a good way to take some of the money we earn and give an amount to charities of our choice!

I’m looking forward to see how this project turns out and to continue learning and working at SHC. Go Irish!i


My 2021-2022 Project

My mom watches tv shows displaying the construction of tiny homes, where the builders have to be creative with the small space they have in the house. They always create very minimalistic expandable, retractable, and even multipurpose furniture. I happened to pass by my mom watching them create an expandable and retractable table, with stools […] Read more

i2 Projects

Electric Go Kart

We have decided to build an electric go kart. This hands-on, mechanical project is made to invite people into engineering through electric vehicular transportation. Throughout the project, we're learning about the future of transportation.

Project details

The Rabbit Burrow - Homemade Goods Shop

Our i2 project this year is to develop an online shop that sells homemade products, gifts, and art. Some of the products will include crocheted animals, stickers, and drawings (possible commissions).

Project details

Specialized Auditory Learning

Our study, Specialized Auditory Learning (nicknamed SPAUL), investigates music's impact on short-term memory.  SPAUL invited over 30 SHC students and faculty to a game of Concentration, where players match arrays of playing cards together.

Project details