Ben Wiggins


Hey! My name is Ben Wiggins and I am a freshman at Sacred Heart Cathedral. I am attended Presidio Middle School, a large public school (almost the same size as SHC) in the Outer Richmond. The transition to SHC has been awesome, I love all of my teachers and everyone else at Sacred Heart Cathedral is super kind and always willing to help. I am a good student, and although I do fall victim to procrastination like many others, I still am enjoying the new academic challenge that SHC presents.

As far as me and interests go, I am San Francisco born and raised, and I love the city. Both sides of my family have been in the US for at least 2 centuries, but before that, I have heavily Italian and Irish ancestry. I have not played any form of team sport since seventh grade (basketball and baseball), but I am planning on going out for the boys volleyball team this spring. I do other sports that are not team sports, my main sport being sailing and a hobby that I have not taken to a competitive level is Mountain Biking. For sailing, I sail small boats, about 14 feet long, out on the bay near Alcatraz and Fort Mason. These boats are sensitive and are very physically taxing to sail, and I hope to find some sailors at SHC so I can start a team! As for Mountain Biking, I simply just ride trails around the city and the bay area for fun.



The i2 Journey Begins

As I applied to SHC, I was simply just trying to get in. I was not aware that a program such as i2 even existed, so it is fair to say that I was fairly surprised when I got accepted into the i2 program. As I did a little more research, I realized that the […] Read more

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